Earth Love Affinity Healing

As the sun rises on anouther day
Humanity has gone astray
Once was in the garden of Eden
Now adrift and forsaken
Searching for the missing link
We come close to the brink
I can but try to look inside
And find the strenth to perservire
Some say that all is lost
That life is futile and meaningless
But I'm not sure about all that
I feel a magic calling at
My inate self a soul to make
I had a vision all alone
No Sun no Moon or stars to shine
Appriciation of what is
Not to consume but to be
To close my eyes
And no longer want
No desire to have or own
A soul
A love
At peace
A place for this to understand
To work towards a new horizon
A place to stop all the doing
To rest, ruduce consuption
Until my body has had enough
And falls to Earth
Back to dust
What little time I have left
My I make a simpler way
On this plannet where I be
I do not wish less biodiversity
So I will sit and watch and learn
From the land to decern
How I can best understand
My true love
And endless being